Two Rock Amps

Two Rock Amps

It’s great to feel as though your amplifier has the technical aptitude and versatility to provide you with nearly any sound you desire on any given day. The Classic Reverb Signature, in particular, takes players on a ride from pristine cleans to powerful grit, even mimicking Marshall-tones while engaging the FET stage. Celebrity patrons such as John Mayer, Matt Schofield, and Aerosmith continue to make the brand a stellar fixture within the industry. These and so many other artists regularly rely on Two-Rock Amplifiers to engage their sound while they are gigging, recording, and touring. Two-Rock Amplifiers is simultaneously a brand that’s also not afraid to create unusual and experimental sounds, and that is one of the reasons they remain at the top of the industry.


The Two-Rock Appeal

The Two-Rock legacy is rooted in the cleanest, clearest tones and driving leads that help musicians achieve their greatest hi-fi performance. Two-Rock analyzes the design of amplifiers currently on the market from companies such as Dumble and Fender and identify the best techniques, then work to build and improve upon them. However, Two-rock states that while Dumble and Fender have certainly influenced Two-Rock amplifiers, years of experience in the business has provided them with a strong brand identity that distinguishes Two-Rock from the others on the market.


How it All Got Started

Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski founded the company in 1999, each of them bringing a great deal of experience from the worlds of music, design, and sound. They started out by experimenting with tube amps spanning a 60-year range. The company first opened as K&M Analog designs and at first did not assign model names or numbers to their merchandise. K&M Analog designs eventually became the parent company of Two-Rock Amplifiers and also became the proprietors of several other customized shops.


Premier Builders Guild took over the ownership of Two-Rock in 2010. After several years, Eli Lester, according to Music Radar, acquired the company in 2016, along with Mac Skinner, a former manager for the company, and Bill Krinard, an engineer. This was the same year the company began re-establishing its catalog and, inspired by the Fender Tweed, debuted the Burnside as well as the TS-1 head, which stands for Tone Secret.


The Equipment

Occasionally, the company sets out to create a completely new tone, though when building a Two-Rock amp, Two-Rock normally has one basic mold/theme in mind that they began working from: a dual 6L6 class A/B circuit with spring reverb and cascading gain. This setup has a wide range of options that assist with shaping tone as well as pick-up loading, particularly with the balance between humbucker and single coil pickups. All Two-Rock equipment is excellent for both the studio and for performing onstage. As a quick recommendation when building your own stack, a great amp head to start with is the Two-Rock Bi-Onyx 100W Tube Guitar Head with its strong, clean sound. Moreover, for those who are interested in upgrading their home studio, the Pro 22W Tube Guitar Combo Amp is a great place to start with its smaller size and fantastic tonality.


The Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature

The Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature was inspired by Alexander ‘Howard’ Dumble. Purchasing a Dumble amp can take years with the high demand, meticulous hand-crafted manufacturing, and his reputation as a recluse. Simply finding a way to contact him can be a difficult process. However, the tone is legendary and a Dumble amp can sell for well over $20,000. The Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature is modeled after Dumble’s fabled amps, with a 50W/100W 6L6-powered head, FET buffer stage with switching capability from the front panel or to the footswitch, and a three-way gain for adjusting the sensitivity and texture. A complex amp that produces fantastic tones.


The Traditional Clean

This pristine-sounding Two-Rock amp is designed with pedal-lovers in mind. Simple, huge, and clean, it is a platform to let your favorite effects shine. The updated build layout includes Two-Rock’s proprietary transformer, allowing you to easily change between bedroom volume or stage volume with the flick of a switch, without the worry of mismatched impedance or loss of tone.



Originally released in 2010, the TS-1 is back with a vengeance. This re-release includes several refinements, including the Two-Rock proprietary transformer that allows you to easily half the wattage with a switch, NOS parts in all areas that would affect tone, and a simple, custom look, with either the new silver anodize with silver skirted knobs or the classic black anodize with chicken-head knobs. This beautiful sounding Two-Rock amp is their answer for the “tone secret”, with cascading gain stages and fat, rich harmonics.

two rock amps
two rock amps
two rock amps
two rock amps