Our shop is located in the heart of Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC. The building was built by the Karras Family in 1944 and they still own it. Midwood Guitar Studio is the fourth tenant in the buildings history. Midwood Guitar Studio is a unique experience and is a destination place for anyone interested playing Boutique Guitars. Brands such as Collings Guitars, Briggs, D’Angelico, Eastman, Larose, Mario Martin, Veritas, Roscoe, Revelator, Sadowsky, Elrick, Lakland are hanging in our showroom. Benson Amps, 3rd Power, Komet, Oldfield, Swart and Victoria are ready to be plugged in. Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio, Petty John, J Rockett, Strymon, and others are standing by ready to change the way you play and sound. Come see us today!



Douglas Armstrong



Has always had a passion for music since childhood. Wanted to be a recording engineer as a teenager and loved mixing records. He grew up in a construction family and earned a degree from East Carolina’s Construction Management Program. He worked in and owned part of a Charlotte, NC based construction company from 1987-2016. Midwood Guitar Studio was created as an outlet to share his passion for boutique guitars with others in
the Charlotte area and across the USA.


Matt Anthony

Store Manager


Matt brings a lot of guitar retail experience to the table and has been very successful as a young professional. We feel that Matt is a key part of our success today and the future. Matt plays with various artists in the Americana/Country scene and recently joined the team at Forest Hill Church as a musician.


Sage Greer

Sales Lead


Sage is an established singer/songwriter and a member of the Virginia based rock band, Dirty White Lies. He is also a guitarist at Elevation Church. Sage is our resident music history buff and loves to quote movies. When he is in charge of our shop radio, you will likely hear Tom Petty, Jason Isbell, or Ryan Adams. When it comes to shipping out a piece of gear, Sage most likely has his hands on it and makes sure the product is fully tested and packed beautifully for the FedEx trip.


Alex Thornton

Sales Associate


Alex is a music major at Catawba College and is an active musician at Forest Hill Church. Alex also runs an Instagram and Youtube Channel called “Toneheaven”, featuring the latest gear, rig rundowns, and valuable information on boutique gear.


Midwood Guitar Studio is far from the big box music stores that you can find around the area and throughout the rest of the country. We’re unique, not just in the instruments and gear that we carry, but because we’re a true resource for passionate musicians.

When you shop Midwood Guitar Studio, you can expect some of the following.


Products from boutique brands around the country


Here at Midwood Guitar Studio, we forge strong relationships with a number of manufacturers. We team up with some of the highest quality names and love to get our clients acquainted with them. These include Veritas, Collings, Mario Guitars, Revelator, D’Angelico, Roscoe, Sadowsky and others for guitars or amps by 3rd Power, Kemper, Benson. Aguilar, Bergantino, Genzler and more.


Educational Opportunities


For our local clients, we offer more than just a great shopping experience for boutique guitars in Charlotte NC. From our “Meet Your Maker” series to the educational clinics that we offer from vendor endorsed artists — we serve as a hub to learn more about your craft and the instruments and gear that you love.


Support for the local music scene


We support local artists! We love the vibrant music scene in the Charlotte area. We host Singer Songwriter Events quarterly and they’ve been a huge success. Follow the upcoming shows called Songs On Central. We’ve also hosted National Blues-Roots Artist Eric Lindel for two sold out shows this year. Charleston, SC based Sol Driven Train will bring their unique sound to Midwood Guitar Studio on September 1st, 2017. Check our Event Calendar September and October. In addition to our great selection of high end guitars and basses in Charlotte NC, we offer all the basic accessories that musicians need week in and week out. We can work with local musicians to help them build a custom instrument or amp from the ground up and, in some cases, we offer consignment for vintage gear. Connect with our team to learn more.


Explore Boutique Amplifiers in Charlotte, NC


Not only do we provide Charlotte boutique guitar amps on a local level, but Midwood Guitar Studio provides an online shopping format that is perfect for musicians located all across the country. In some cases, we are one of the very few authorized dealers for the brands that we work with. This gives our clients the unique opportunity to discover and utilize some instruments and equipment from some of the brightest makers.


Explore high end guitars and basses in Charlotte NC


Whether you’re shopping with us in person or online, we want to welcome you to Midwood Guitar Studio. Our team is standing by if you have any questions about our line of Charlotte boutique guitar amps, guitars, basses and pedals.